9 Popular Side-by-Side Trails in Southern Utah

9 Popular Side-by-Side Trails in Southern Utah

Venturing off the beaten path and exploring rugged terrains is a thrilling experience many off-roading enthusiasts relish. The adrenaline rush, the challenge of maneuvering rough landscapes, and the satisfaction of conquering challenging trails are all part of the allure. Here are nine popular side-by-side trails in Southern Utah that are ideal for all skill levels to ensure you have the best possible off-roading experience!

Easy Trails for Beginners

Southern Utah offers many trails perfect for those new to the thrilling world of off-roading. These trails provide a gentle introduction to the sport, allowing you to hone your skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery that makes this region so popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Wayne’s World OHV Trail – Sand Hollow State Park

Wayne’s World OHV Trail is the first of many Sand Hallow State Park trails on this list and is ideal for beginners! Two main sections break up this 6.3-mile trail: the “first half” and the “second half.” The first half includes stunning views of Red Gate on Sand Mountain, with plenty of sandy dunes and terrains to conquer.

Throughout your journey and into the second half of Wayne’s World, you’ll encounter parts of Zion, the Pine Valley Mountains, the Sand Hollow Reservoir, and Hurricane Cliffs. The second half of Wayne’s World is one of the more popular trails in Sand Hollow State Park and Southern Utah, though it’s still unlikely that you’ll deal with a large crowd of motorists when you visit.

Warner Valley OHV Trail – Hurricane, Utah

The Sandy Mountain OHV Area in Hurricane, Utah, is a tremendous wildlife space ideal for many outdoor activities. Warner Valley OHV Trail is a nearly 40-mile long “out-and-back” route—a looping trail that starts and ends in the same location—that many motorists and pedestrians share; the perfect environment for a first-time off-roader!

Known for its flat and wide paths, this trail allows beginners to focus on controlling their vehicles without worrying about navigating tight corners or steep inclines. We recommend spending lots of time on this trail so you can fully explore its hidden gems!

Fault Line OHV Trail – Sand Hallow State Park

Heading back to Sand Hallow State Park, we have the Fault Line OHV Trail! Slightly more challenging than the other beginner routes, this off-roading trail features many moderate climbs and descents. These challenges allow newer drivers to practice handling their vehicles on varying terrains.

The nearly six-mile trail is a “point-to-point” route, meaning its entrance and exit differ. Notably, this trail is often less populated, perfect for individuals seeking a slice of nature just for themselves!

Honeymoon Pack Trail – St. George, Utah

Honeymoon Pack Trail in St. George, Utah, is a historically significant landmark for many North American southwesterners. In the late 1800s, it was common for many newlywed Mormon settlers living in Arizona to travel to St. George Temple to formalize and celebrate their marriage vows.

This pilgrimage was so frequent that the route they rode their wagons on was eventually named the Honeymoon Trail. Today, you can explore this historic trail on a 14-mile out-and-back route. Motorists and pedestrians, especially bird watchers and hikers, share this route. Therefore, it’s a great environment to practice side-by-side driving at slower speeds.

Challenging Trails for Experienced Off-Roaders

Southern Utah offers various demanding trails for seasoned off-road enthusiasts seeking a thrilling challenge. These trails present unique obstacles and challenging terrains requiring skill and experience.

Sand Hallow Reservoir OHV Trail – Sand Hallow State Park

The Sand Hallow Reservoir OHV Trail, located in the heart of Sand Hallow State Park, is not for the faint-hearted. This 12-mile point-to-point trail demands precise control and advanced navigation skills as it weaves through rocky terrain and steep inclines. The reward, however, is a stunning view of the reservoir and the surrounding park.

Notably, the second half is often far more difficult for side-by-side driving than the first and includes tricky sand dunes with plenty of rock climbs. Additionally, it’s common to lose sight of the actual trail and spend more time on the route than intended. You can always book a tour with one of our experienced Southern Utah Adventure drivers if you’re nervous about attempting the Sand Hallow Reservoir OHV Trail.

Sunshine Trail Loop – Hurricane, Utah

The Sunshine Trail Loop presents a different kind of challenge with its sandy terrain and tight corners. This 31-mile-long loop requires riders to maintain control over their vehicles while navigating fine sand. As the name suggests, the sun is brutal during the day; don’t expect any shade! However, the rewards are well worth the challenge, as Sunshine Trail boasts some of the best views in Hurricane. Sunsets are the true attraction for off-roaders and hikers, so expect more traffic and pedestrians around the late afternoon.

Little Creek Mesa West and North Loop – Hurricane, Utah

Thrill seekers staying in Hurricane should check out the west and north loop of the Little Creek Mesa Trail. The West Loop is nearly nine miles long and takes an experienced off-roader just over three to four hours to complete. This tremendously rocky route will require a high-clearance vehicle to navigate it safely.

The North Loop is over 14.5 miles long and takes over five hours to finish for most motorists. Equally as rocky as the West Loop, this trail is also notoriously muddy. Despite the challenging terrain, the forest views and glimpses of Zion make the experience worth the struggle.

Extreme Trails for Expert Off-Roaders

Off-roading is not merely a pastime but a test of skill and endurance. For those who have honed their abilities and are ready to take on the most formidable trails, Sand Hallow State Park offers two extreme routes that will challenge even the most experienced riders.

The Maze OHV Trail – Sand Hallow State Park

The Maze OHV Trail is among Sand Hallow State Park’s most challenging off-road trails. This 11-mile out-and-back trail demands expert navigation through intricate twists and turns that mimic the complexity of a maze. Off-roaders must demonstrate exceptional vehicle control while maneuvering rocky terrains and sharp inclines. We highly recommend booking a tour to get the most out of this trail because the views are certainly worth the demanding terrain!

Nasty Half OHV Trail – Sand Hallow State Park

The Nasty Half OHV Trail lives up to its name, providing an intense challenge for even the most seasoned off-roaders. At just a half mile in length, this point-to-point route tests riders’ endurance and technical skills with its relentless stretches of jagged rocks, steep descents, and tight corners. Despite the demanding trail conditions, the breathtaking views of the rugged landscape and lake provide a rewarding experience for those who conquer it.

Off-roading is more than just an outdoor activity; it’s a journey full of adventure, challenges, and discovery. Each trail offers a unique story, a different challenge, and a fresh perspective on the beautiful landscapes of Southern Utah. Our Southern Utah Adventure Center team is here to help your dream vacation become a reality, whether you pick one of these nine popular side-by-side trails in Southern Utah or opt for a different one entirely! Check out our selection of southern Utah UTV rentals today and find the ideal vehicle for your recreational needs.

9 Popular Side-by-Side Trails in Southern Utah